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Dr. Majid Ahmed Talikoti - Oncology Specialist in Delhi, India


Dr. Majid Talikoti is one of the distinguished medical professional in the field of surgical oncology with an expertise of more than a decade in the field of surgical oncology. He is a senior consultant/ advisor/ head at various hospitals in India. He is also the founder & chairman of Health For All Charitable Trust.

He has also been associated to various leading medical research institutes across the country. He is a consultant at Batra Hospital & Medical Research Center, Delhi, India, Visiting faculty at BIMR Hospital, Gwalior, India, Florance Hospital, Srinaar, etc. Aim is not to leave any stone unturned in Cencer Treatment.

Our Services

He has gained specialized structured surgical oncology training and performed all the major cancer operative procedures. like cancer surgeries. His associated team of Radiation Oncology & Medical Oncology:

    1. Medical Oncology
  • Dr Sumant Gupta
  • Dr Badar Alam
    2. Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Anil Thakwani
  • Dr Anshul Bhatnagar
  • Dr Irfan Bashir
    3. Plastic Surgery
  • Dr Vipul Sood
  • Dr Adeshwar Sharma
    4. Surgical Oncology
  • Dr Javed Altaf
  • Dr Rakesh Shakya
  • Dr Ashraf Anis
    5. ENT
  • Dr Sanjay Jain
    6. Gynaecology
  • Dr Reena Jain
    7. Trainees for fellowship
  • Dr Alrahbi Rashid ( International fellow from UAE )
  • Dr Sarthak Dahiya

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Surgical Oncology

Dr. Majid Ahmed Talikoti is best Cancer Surgeon/ Oncologist in Delhi, India.

About Me

Prof. (Dr) Majid Ahmed Talikoti is a world renowned cancer surgeon, a distinguished figure in the medical field, holding the positions of Director of Surgical Oncology at Moolchand Hospital and Batra Hospital & Research Center Delhi. Additionally, he serves as Chairman & Managing Director of Medicant Hospital & Research Centre in Bokaro, Jharkhand.

With extensive experience, he has seen over 3 lakh cancer patients worldwide and performed over 16,000major cancer surgeries.

Beyond his medical contributions, Dr. Majid Ahmed Talikoti is actively involved in philanthropic activities as the Treasurer of the Delhi Education Society, overseeing four schools for the underprivileged in Delhi.

He also leads the HEALTH FOR ALL Charitable Trust and chairs the Natural Science Panel of the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) under HRD Ministry, he's also a member of IICC & NCPUL and recently awarded with 'Asia's Top Cancer Surgeon' in Singapore.

Trainings & Fellowships

  • Training in advanced surgical oncology from National Cancer Centre, Japan
  • Extensive training in surgical oncology at BRAIRCH, AIIMS, India

The Doctors Major Life Work

  • First in the world to report Giant Leiomyosarcoma of Scrotum a rare tumour, paper published in World Journal of Surgical Oncology on 10 Feb 2011
  • Working tirelessly towards Cancer Awareness in the World, for Timely, Affordable and High Quality Health Care
  • Providing opinion for Cancer Treatment to more than 2.4 Lac Cancer Patients and counting
  • Performed more than 5800 major surgical oncology procedures so far, out of which 30% were free for BPL
  • Using Cancer Awareness as a tool to prevent the increasing incidence of cancer leading to high morbidity and mortality thus contributing to Reduction of the Huge Financial Burden to the society at large and Health Care expenses of Governments
  • International Reach:
    • Pioneering International Medical Tourism an overpowering tool in world tourism industry, giving excellent results at affordable costs, personally contributing to Foreign Exchange intake of over 10 Crores – a direct boost not only to our National Foreign Currency Debt Ratio, but also helps the economy of deprived small or poor regions of the world and recognition of India as a preferred Health Care Destination
    • As adviser travels to Africa-Ghana as Distinguished Cancer Treatment Authority to uplift their Health Services
  • Philanthropy:
    • Free Cancer treatment and surgeries at doorstep
    • Public awareness through TV program Cancer Bhagao on EPIC channel aired daily 5 am to 5:30 am. Vision Cancer Free/ Safe India. Result Swasth Bharat
    • Conducted over 500 Major Cancer Awareness sessions IN Rural India and Abroad
    • Routinely produces videos (on YouTube) on how to perform major cancer surgeries to help young budding doctors across the globe
    • Zero Cost Training to more than 200 Surgeons for Cancer Surgery resulting in providing specialised cancer services in my Outreach program for the masses at their door step
  • Pan India senior consultant: Batra Hospital, Rama Medical College, Shubharti Medical College, Hamdard Medical College, National Heart Institute, Valentis Cancer Hospital, RJN Apollo Hospital, Florence Hospital, Adiva Hospital, and Irene Hospital to name a few
  • Establishing 300 bed Medicant Super Speciality Hospital at Bokaro
  • Expert Member Faculty of Medicine at RGUHS Univ. Bangaluru
  • Philosophy:
    • More than 80% Cancer Patients die because they are diagnosed in last stage due to lack of awareness and expertise in small towns, to bridge this gap the Doctor routinely visit UP, MP, Kashmir, Jharkhand, Delhi NCR, Karnataka etc. Resulting in Awareness, Cure and Teaching. Taking specialised cancer services to outreach the masses at their door step providing Quality, Equality and Affordable care, with minimum Morbidity and negligible Mortality in the Cancer field notorious for High Mortality
    • Establishing innovative idea of cancer treatment by practically providing cancer treatments in small setups of 30 bed hospitals with minimum finances and required infrastructure/facilities to remove the myth that cancer is incurable and unaffordable

Educational Qualifications

  • MS, General Surgery, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Karnataka, India
  • MBBS, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Karnataka, India
  • Training in Advanced Surgical Oncology at National Cancer Center, Japan
  • Extensive Training in Surgical Oncology at BRAIRCLT, AIIMS, Delhi, India

Accomplishments, Memberships & Awards

  • Awarded Surgical, Oncologist of the year 2013-2015 by Brands Academy
  • Excellence Award 2014
  • Guest of honour at “Sir Syed Day” at Aligarh Muslim University. Recieved Sir Syed Award for special contribution in Cancer surgery for poor and needy people 2014
  • Guest of honour of department of urdu CCS University Meerut
  • International Quality Award in the year 2015
  • Guest of honour, Lions club Shamli crown on 26 July 2015
  • Chief Guest at Rama Medical College
  • Guest of honour at Hamdard University on 4th February 2015
  • Excellence Award for Swasthata Failao Cancer Bhagao
  • Global health care excellence award by Prime Time on 22nd October 2016
  • Chief Guest on world health day at Rama Medical College 2015
  • Rastra Gaurav Samman by Aaditya Media Jan Sanskriti 2015
  • Awarded for recent update in Oral Cancer by Indian Medical Association Saharnpur UP Branch on 3rd May 2014
  • Health care achievers award 2015
  • Zainab Memorial Hospital, Guest of honour in year 2014
  • Guest of honour of Samman Diwas on 6th December 2015
  • Excellence Award from Smita Mishra Memorial Foundation for cancer research in the year 2017
  • Editorial board member BIOMED Journal
  • Member of a number of national and international bodies like IASO (Indian Association of Surgical Oncology), SSO (Society of Surgical Oncology), SAGES (Society of American Gastro Endoscopy Surgeons) etc
  • Recieved Rashtra Gaurav Samaan
  • Editorial Board Member, BIOMED Journal
  • Has published a number of cancer training videos for young cancer surgeons on You Tube. Which you can Watch Here
  • Member of a number of National & International Bodies like IASO (Indian Association of Surgical Oncology), SSO (Society of Surgical Oncology), SAGES (Society of American Gastero Endoscopy Surgeons), etc.
  • Was first in the world to report Giant Leiomyosarcoma of Scrotum


  • In developing Oncological Units in Various Hospitals
  • More than a decade experience in Oncology
  • Performed more than 3000 major cancer surgeries like Commando Surgery and various neck dissections for head and neck cancer, Superficial and total Parotidectomy, Hemi and Total Thyroidectomy, radical excision of scalp tumors, excision of skin cancers at different sites, Modified radical mastectomy, Radical mastectomy, Breast Conservation Surgery, BreastReconstruction Surgery, Microdochectomy, Lung resections, Esophagectomy (transhiatal, transthoracic), Radical Gastrectomy, Radical cholecystectomy, Small bowel resection-anastomosis, Hemicolectomy, Anterior resection and Abdomino-perineal resection for rectal cancer, Whipples’ procedure, Total abdominal Hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, Total Omentectomy for Ovarian cancer, Posterior Exenteration, Radical hystrectomy, Hemipelvectomy, Amputations, Radical excisions of various soft tissue sarcoma, Orbital exenterations, Chest wall tumor excision and reconstruction, Metastatectomy, Radical Nephrectomy, Ilio-inguinal block dissection, Penile amputation, Minimaly invasive Laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. Oncoplasty (Plastic reconstruction) procedures using various flaps- Pectoralis major myocutaneous/osteomyocutaneous flap, Deltopectoral flap, Latissimus Dorsi flap, Vertical and Horizontal rectus abdominis flap, Temporal flap, Rotation advancement flaps. Free flaps
  • Experience in treating National & International Patients and providing equality, affordable Cancer Care to all

Vision & Mission

  • To make Health Care available to one and all at Affordable, Accessible, providing Quality care
  • To make Cancer Awareness & Treatment as a tool to prevent the increasing incidents of cancer in the society
  • To bring Cancer today where 80% are in Stage 4, more than 70% dies in the first year, to fight and bring this figure, below that 80% of them are diagnosed, more than 70% should survive together to win over the war of cancer

Vision For India

  • To make health a fundamental right. Spread awareness of health & Cancer thatare prevented from developing cancer & to be diagnosed in early stages and treated successfully
  • To ensure and assure quality, equality & affordable health to one and all

Cancer Surgeon

Best Cancer Surgeon In Delhi, India


When seeking the Best Cancer Specialist in Delhi, India Dr. Majid Ahmed Talikoti is your choice for excellence. Renowned Oncology Consultant and Cancer Surgeon in Delhi, & his team of medical oncology and radiation oncology is an answer to your every cancer worry & specialty addresses.


Head And Neck Surgery

Cancer of the head and neck are the most common cancers in India (30% of all cancers). Gone are the days when a stand-alone surgeon could treat a patient of head and neck cancer. Treatment of head and neck cancer now requires a multi-disciplinary approach with a team comprising of a head and neck cancer surgeon, a reconstructive surgeon, an onco-anaesthetist, a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist, an onco-pathologist, a speech and swallowing therapist, a physiotherapist, a dental surgeon, an occupational therapist and a medical counsellor.

Gynecological Oncology

Gynecologic Oncology is a subspecialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology that focuses on diagnosing and treating women with cancers of the reproductive system. At Health For All, the Gynecological Oncology Unit is a multidisciplinary team, specifically trained to provide comprehensive care for women with pre-malignant and malignant gynaecological conditions


Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting urban Indian women. The last three decades have seen the numbers of breast cancer patients grow steadily. Sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise), increased consumption of fat products, postmenopausal obesity, late marriages, delayed child bearing and lesser number of children being conceived, reduced duration of breastfeeding (less than one year per child) are all believed to be reasons for increased risk of breast cancer.

Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery

Your stomach is a J-shaped organ in the upper abdomen where digestion begins before food is passed to your intestines. Cancer can arise in any part of the stomach, and is believed to develop slowly over many years. Stomach cancer also referred to as gastric cancer is usually preceded by precancerous changes in the stomach lining, although these changes rarely produce symptoms. Because stomach cancer often does not cause symptoms until it is quite advanced, it is not often detected in its earliest stages.


Lung Cancer Surgery

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Bone & Soft Tissue Surgery

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Oncology Doctor in Delhi

Dr. Majid Ahmed Talikoti is one of the best oncologist and cancer specialist in India

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